My Rottweiler Puppy Is Destroying My House! Help!!!

I cannot imagine what it’s like, when a dog destroys sheetrock in your house, eats door frames and breaks doors. Well, to be honest, I can imagine, because, over the years, my dogs have destroyed things in my house. The root cause is, that they are bored and unsupervised. I always tell my clients, not to give their dogs more freedom, than they can be responsible for. That is not an easy thing to do. Here are some ways to help your dog, whether it’s a Rottweiler or any other breed: I use a crate or a playpen and I keep my dogs with me when they are not confined. An unsupervised puppy, who destroys something in your home, should not get in trouble. It is not fair to correct our dog for something that was our responsibility to prevent. Place training is a great way to teach your dog to be calm. When you move through the house, have your dog move with you and practice the place command. Place training is easy to work into any situation because it is fairly passive, you don’t have to have food and it doesn’t require your dog to be super focused. Now, if your dog decides to run off and bite the sheetrock or any other off-limits object, it is absolutely fine to tell them “No”. Use your leash or remote collar to communicate to your dog, that this is not allowed. Show your dog, what you want them to do and allow them to make mistakes, so you can establish boundaries. That is the best way to manage your Rottweiler, German Shepherd or any other dog.


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