My Poodle Mix Is Good! I Didn’t Need To Practice.

Today I will talk about a statement from someone, who didn’t practice with their dog for a week, because it was raining, but the dog didn’t do anything wrong.
Here are a couple of things I would like to go over:
It is very easy to live with a dog, who doesn’t do anything wrong and is nice and calm. The dog may just be laying around the house. However, by not training a dog, you are actually depriving them. Your dog was meant for so much more. They want to have an incredible relationship with you and they want to show you all the cool things they can learn. By engaging and training your dog, you are going to build a great relationship. Sometimes it’s hard to find time to practice and I understand that. Currently, my dogs are in the room with me and they are practicing their “place stay”. You don’t need to have a training session, you just need to include your dog in your activities on a daily basis. If you are looking to improve your training techniques, then videos, like the ones we produce can help. We cover everything, from how to use your leash, how to use your dog’s food, how to move your body and what you should actually be saying to your dog.
If it’s raining outside, you can actually teach your dog that he must go potty outside, even in the rain and that you are walking with him, even in the rain. A little over a year ago, we had massive rain and flooding. Many of our clients were so grateful, that they had prepared for this and practiced how to handle their dogs.
You don’t have to work on this, every time it rains, but you need to start somewhere.

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