My overprotective dog doesn’t listen when he is triggered.

Getting your overprotective dog to listen when he is triggered.

It is important that our dogs learn to defer to us.

When I work our dogs in protection, I rely on equipment/training tools, to show them how to do that. Using words is only going to frustrate the handler and at best confuse the dog to a point, where he stops listening altogether.

Having the right training equipment on is going to help make a difference. When I work my protection dogs they wear two types of equipment:

a harness

a pinch collar on a leash, or a remote collar.

The use of this equipment is temporary and eventually unnecessary.

To teach my dogs to defer to me, I put them in a down position. If they continue to aggress a threat, I will use my training tools to communicate that.

Then I will ask the dogs to be calmer and focused until I tell them to engage the threat. Calming a dog can be achieved by being quiet and using the training tools. You can reward the dog by calmly petting him. In this scenario, I barely talk to the dog and I do not use treats or food.

After that, I teach my dogs what to do when the threat returns and I want them to be ready. My command is “Hey, watch him!” This tells the dog that the threat is real. Then I praise the dog vigorously for looking to me on what to do next.

Obviously, this is a complicated skill to teach but helps a dog understand to look for direction, rather than making his own decisions.


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