My Dogs Bed Must of Been In a Tornado!

Is Your Dog a Bed Shredder?

My Dogs Bed Must of Been In a Tornado

If you’ve ever purchased a brand new bed for your dog and her crate just to come home and find it shredded, this article is for you. It’s natural for a human parent to assume every dog would enjoy a bed to call her own. We are, therefore, shocked and appalled to find that very special purchase, picked out with love and affection, demolished. While we may never truly understand how our beloved companion can reduce a $100 bed to confetti – we do know how to reduce the likelihood it will happen in the future.

Start by teaching your dog the “place” command while increasing the value (to the dog) of the new bed. Lure or command your dog to the new bed and place her in a down. “Click” and treat the dog repeatedly to condition the bed as a positive place for your dog to lay. If she leaves the bed, lure her back into position, “click” and reward. As your dog becomes more comfortable on the bed, leave her in a down as you back away a few steps. Return to her, “click” and reward your dog for remaining on the bed. Continue to repeat this exercise while increasing the number of steps take from your dog and the time between rewards. You are teaching your dog that the bed is a good place to be and that remaining on the bed in your absence is a positive and rewarded behavior.

Once the dog feels comfortable on the bed and begins to stay on the bed anywhere from 15-20 minutes, move the bed to the crate. Place the bed and your dog in the crate with a food based treat (ex: a stuffed KONG or Everlasting Treat Ball) and shut the door. Allow the dog to remain in the crate for longer and longer periods but not so long that the dog begins to show interest in destroying the bed.

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