My Dog Isn’t Motivated By Food

Something I see day in and day out is, that people leave their dog’s food out in a bowl for hours. Food loses value, when it’s always there. Also, when the dog doesn’t consume the food immediately, it’s just not going to taste that great.
If your dog does not eat his food within five minutes, I want you to remove the food for the next four to five hours. Your dog will probably be hungry by then. If not, take your dog for a walk or jog, then put them in their crate or their place, eat food in front of them, then offer them their food. Exercise is going to turn the dog’s brain on and he will want the calories. You eating in front of your dog is going to make him realize, that he is hungry.
Also, look at what you are feeding and make sure it is something your dog enjoys. We use treats to determine which food/protein source they like the most.
If you have gone through all those steps and your dog still isn’t motivated, then try to figure out what type of petting, praise or play your dog enjoys.
Many times we don’t know our dogs as well as we should. Do you know, what brings your dog pleasure? Do you know, what brings your dog comfort? Do you know, what frustrates your dog? Do you know, what makes your dog uncomfortable? If you haven’t identified those things, I would encourage and challenge you to find out.
The simple truth is, if you find a way to reward your dog for a skill/obedience, in a meaningful way, your dog will want to do that more often.

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