Longoriahaus Training Philosophy



I believe that dogs can be trained to do so many things.  They can be great members of the family.  They can be therapy dogs to help give emotional support to others.  They can assist our police and military personnel do their jobs better while keeping them safe.  Whatever your end goal is, training your dog is an absolute must and is also one of the most rewarding endeavours you can embark on.  The principles that guide how your unique dog will learn are very similar to the way that you learn.  Your dog is looking for clear communication, a way to become successful, and predictability in the way it lives together with you and your family.

Communicating with your dog can be difficult even if you have had dogs before.  With that being said, there are several easy to learn techniques that can make this process so much easier for you.  Regardless of if your dog is totally motivated by food, playing tug with you, fetching a ball or could care less about these things, clear communication is still possible.  As your dog trainer, it is our job to ensure that you learn how to use the various forms of communication and to follow up with you to make sure it is being used on a regular basis.  We will first make sure that you know what you are looking for your dog to specifically do.  Without this picture, it will be very challenging for you and your dog to be on the same page.  Once you have seen the pictures we are looking to develop in your dog, then we will show you different ways to help your dog perform those skills as quickly, happily, and reliably as possible.

We get the opportunity to tell many our our clients about the Golden Rule, treat others as you want to be treated.  While this is a good guide for dealing with others, including your dog, we believe there is a better way.  We believe that you should reward your dog the way that they want to be rewarded.  Make sense, yes?  Learning how to treat others they way that they enjoy to be treated will most assuredly accelerate the rate at which they will learn the skills you have before them.  This is something that we will help you do.  From the very first time we step into your home, we will help you understand who your dog is and how to help them along this journey called life.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about what we believe and how we can help you dog become a happy reliable member of your family.  We want nothing more than to see you, your family, and dog live a harmonious life!Al Longoria of Longoriahaus Dog Training