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In August we lost our 15 year old retriever. Our vet came across a 6 month old (we think) black lab puppy and thought of us. She is adorable and has helped fill our home with puppy joy but we were used to an older dog who slept all the time and knew the rules! Al was wonderful for my husband and I to “get on the same page” with training. We loved that he came to our home and was able to focus solely on Maddie (and us). We learned how to get her to focus on us and ignore distractions, stay for longer and longer lengths of time, walk without pulling, follow us up and down the stairs with out pulling or tripping us, stop jumping on us and visitors, and come when called. Al knows his stuff and was able to communicate clearly and effectively. He showed us the proper method and left us with homework to practice throughout the week. We also liked his philosophy of reward based training. Highly recommend Al and we are looking forward to our next step with him in training Maddie.


Houston, TX

Al focuses very well on quickly developing a bond between the dog and the owner through the entry level course. This provides the foundation for further, more developed training or the needed discipline for the dog and the owner to be “good citizens” in the neighborhood, particularly with the larger dogs. Al’s outstanding understanding of the drivers of canine behavior make the training fun for both the trainer as well as the dog.


Humble, Texas


Poppi was re-homed to me at 2.5 years. From day one, she had severe separation anxiety, bullied our male rottie, barked constantly when anyone entered the house , and was aggressive toward other dogs during walks. After 6 lessons, her behavior is much better. While there is still some work to do, she has improved dramatically. We are looking forward to working in the next group class.


Kingwood, Texas


I found Al while browsing online to locate training for my two young Havenese dogs. I made the right choice as Al made a big difference in our dogs behavior and our ability as owners to train them properly. I especially appreciated his patience and understanding of these small breed pets. I would definitely use Longoriahaus again in the future for further training.


Humble, Texas


When we first reached out to Al at Longoriahaus our German Shepherd puppy had just turned five months old. She had started to develop some bad habits that I could no longer handle on my own. She was barking aggressively and lunging at people and dogs, and pulling like a freight train on our walks. It had gotten so bad that I would be in tears when we got home and was terrified to take her out of the house. My confidence had completely deflated and I was ready to quit. When Al showed up I just knew he would say she was a lost cause, but he didn’t! Instead he came in and taught me how to communicate with our puppy and eliminate the frustration we were both feeling. He also gave me the knowledge and the tools to take my dog out into the world and feel confident that I could handle any situation that came up. I’m happy to say I walk my well behaved dog with pride now. It’s a great feeling to get compliments on your dog rather than dirty looks and that’s all thanks to Al! On top of being extremely knowledgeable about dogs Al is also a really nice guy. I’ll definitely be calling him when we get our next dog!
Kingwood, TX


I was referred to Al Longoria, owner of Longoriahaus Dog Training, by my niece who is a dog photographer and very active in the dog rescue community. Al had trained her dog and when I saw how well behaved and trained he was, I decided to contact Al after reviewing his website. Al offers a free consultation – he came to our house and met my 2 year old Springer Spaniel, who is very spirited and a bit anxious. What I liked about Longoriahaus Dog Training is that the training took place at my house. We felt this was optimal for training – we had 100% of the trainer’s attention and my dog was not distracted by a group training situation and unfamiliar surroundings. Al listened and addressed our specific concerns, such as excessive barking and not paying attention to commands. He also explained the psychology behind my dog’s behavior, reactions, and helped us adjust our training and interactions with her for the best results. We are very happy that we contacted Longoriahaus Dog Training and committed to weekly training. I highly recommend Longoriahaus Dog Training!

Houston, Texas


In February we brought home an 8 week old bundle of fun named Augustamungus (we call him Gus). Gus was advertised as a Brazilian Mastiff, but honestly we didn’t know anything about the breed (proper name Fila Brasileiro) , so we enlisted Al’s help to train this mega-dog and to keep some of the not so delightful advertised characteristics of the breed under control. What we got in return was much more than advertised. In the comfort and secure environment of our own home, Al spent over 17 sessions with Gus and the Newton family helping us to truly understand dog psychology and how to manage such a big animal. Not only have we found our dog trainer for life, but a really kind, Christ oriented profession that I trust with my dogs implicitly. I would absolutely recommend Longoriahaus Dog Training to anyone who asks me…superior training and even better, a new friend.

John and Shannon
Kingwood, Texas


This year we got a Chihuahua puppy after our previous dog, a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, died of old age three years ago. We have three children, ages 8-13, and this was their first puppy. After several weeks the training and discipline were nowhere near our expectations, and we decided to look for professional training assistance. We looked online, read some reviews, and then decided to call Longoriahaus Dog Training in Houston. We couldn’t have been luckier. We were seeking a better trained dog. What we got was a great family experience, pet training skills for the whole family AND a well trained dog. After our initial meeting with Al Longoria, we settled into weekly training sessions which were effectively “train the trainer” classes for me, my wife and our children. The dog training was a bonus! Al is a great person and a great trainer, of pets and people. From our first meeting it was obvious that he has a passion for his work and is a true expert in his field. And he has the patience of a saint. Al’s training methodology is well proven, yet simple to learn. We can use these techniques forever to add skills and adapt the behaviors of our pets. Al was a pleasure to work with, and a professional in every sense of the word. The whole family looked forward to our weekly “class”. I cannot recommend Al Longoria more highly for anyone’s pet training needs.

Steve and Family
Kingwood, Texas


My love of dogs has been evident since I was a small girl playing hide and seek with my poodle , and in later years teaching my Lhasa apso to jump through a hula hoop. As a adult I have decided to pick up from there and expand my training. With Al’s tutoring I have been able teach my German shepherd obedience and are teaching him to track! The experience has been a positive experience for me and my dog and we look forward to continuing the training. Having a big dog with you nearly all the time can be a challenge, but working together has given us a tight, priceless bond. Titan’s constant company is a pleasure and joy to me, bring the term, “Mans best friend” a reality. Thanks Al !!

Russell and Eva
Crosby, Texas


Al Longoria is a fantastic dog trainer. My border collie, Diego, was very unruly until Al taught us some positive training methods that have made a huge difference in my dog, whom I enjoy so much more, now. Al is a knowledgeable, professional and dependable dog trainer that I really like working with. He makes it very convenient by coming to your home and training your dog (and the owner) in the environment that the dog lives in. My dog loves him because he makes the training fun and rewarding.

Houston, Texas


I have a 4 yr. old German Shepherd that I rescued from an animal shelter when he was 7 mos. old. The paper work on him said that he had been through obedience training but he had no manners. After getting him home and trying to get him adjusted, I realized that he didn’t have any manners nor did he remember his obedience training. He would jump up on everyone, try and attack anything with wheels or a motor and the worst of all, he would not come back when called by name.
After 2 years of walks(or should I say drags) and the little bit of knowledge on dog training that I knew, nothing was working. When I seen the dog dragging my husband across the yard and my vet telling me that my dog needs training, I knew I had to do something
The first dog trainer told me he was already too old and set in his ways, that he was untrainable. And we did not want to send him somewhere for training. When one day my daughter brought me a card for a dog trainer who would come to your house and do the training and that he knew a lot about German Shepherds. After 2 training sessions you could already see the change. It was amazing to watch my untrainable dog being trained right before my eyes. After 8 lesions we now have a dog who can be part of the family, We have control over him instead of him controlling us. Longoriahaus Dog Training has saved my dogs life and has showed us how to communicate and control our dog

Charlene Cuniff
Crosby, Texas


After interviewing a few dog trainers for our young Australian Shepherd Miles, we selected Al for his overall package. Al was clearly the most personable and interested trainer I spoke with. I was also very happy that he prefers NOT to use an electronic collar. He has been patient, thorough, and flexible with our pooch AND our needs. His efforts have worked wonders for our family and we HIGHLY recommend his services.

Mark and Margie
Houston, Texas


Al has really made a noticeable difference in my puppy’s behavior. Not only does my dog now obey commands as soon as he is told, but Al has really helped him to minimize unwanted behaviors, too.

My friends give me compliments on how well he listens to my commands immediately. Al really has extensive knowledge about dogs and what drives their behaviors.

The really cool part is that he comes to your home and does the training with you there to observe and participate. I would recommend Longoriahaus Dog Training for anyone in need of obedience for their dog


Houston, Texas


Do you want the ultimate partnership and rapport with your dog?

Please call Mr. Longoria and just set up a meeting to discuss your concerns and expectations for your dog.

Writing testimonies is not something I have ever done or take lightly in doing so now. However, I am hoping to speak to those who are on the verge of deciding to start your puppy/ dog into training like I was a month ago. Please let me say I am not being paid in any way to write this and yes, I am a real person not a fraud orfictional writer.

I can only hope that in reading my past mistakes you can avoid the same trauma to yourself and your dog.


My first experience in training was on lead with my Alaskan Malamute I had chose a instructor that I can only describe as sever, ridged and cold; the result my dog obeyed. I did not care for the experience and felt my dog suffered as much as I did . There was something lacking …for both of us.


The next mistake I made years later I paid for the training where you spend an absorbent amount of money to have your dog trained by someone else. I was instructed to bring my dog and leave him, and was not allowed to see him for two weeks. I even had to pay extra for my dog to have play time with someone else. Then I was allowed to come in for 30 minutes and be trained to what they had taught him. The result was he was trained to do commands however; he was scarred from the separation and lacked the interaction of pride accomplishing tasks with me.


My new puppy was going on 5 months, I saw something in her where she had a very independent nature and strong willed that had me very concerned, I knew she needed help; I was very lucky to find a phone number for Mr. Longoria, he came out to meet us; watched her reactions and evaluated her. I made a decision and commitment that day to start my training with him to help her. I am just now into my 4th session and the difference in her is amazing and our personal relationship has changed so much. We had never bonded or connected until her training started and now together we have made the turn toward our future together. I now see where she takes so much pride in herself and her accomplishments of her training.

I can only tell you that his method of training is different from anything I have ever seen before. The training is focused entirely on your bond and relationship with your dog, and your dog’s relationship with you. Mr. Longoria (Al ) is kind and understanding during the training and when you make an error a correction is never critical. I will tell you being older; I was concerned the training would be to difficult, no longer being the spring chicken I once was 20 + years ago; this is absolutely not the case at all. In fact, she and I have get the best sleep ever after training sessions.

I hope in some way I have helped someone out there reading this make a decision to try what I have found to be an excellent training experience for myself and my Kara.


Crosby, Texas


Al Longoria has helped to give me a relationship with my dog that I never would have dreamed possible.  Through using Al’s easy to understand techniques, he has helped me to actually communicate with my dog in a way that I never would have dreamed of.  Through the basics of sitting, laying down and even more advanced maneuvers of heeling, etc. Al has also been instrumental in positive techniques to even help modify with my dog’s bad or negative behavior.

I have been through many different types of training sessions and this is the one that I believe in and have stuck to, and will continue to do so.  Al instantly was able to bond with my dog, Klauss.  He’s actually so excited to see Al that he instantly perks up and becomes excited to see Al when we arrive at school! Klauss and I both actually have fun learning together. After all, that’s what it’s all about.

Thanks Al!  I can’t even begin to express my gratitude!


Houston, Texas


Al Longoria is the best dog trainer I have ever encountered.  In one lesson he taught my dog basic commands I had no success within two years of trying to train him myself.  My dog had fun the whole hour, and would have wanted to go on and on.  He and Al became friends immediately. Al is very personable and very passionate about his dog training, and these traits prove why he is successful at what he loves doing best.  I’m sure you will be as pleased as I am with Al training your dog. 


20 year resident in Kingwood, Texas


Hey Al, just want to thank you for coming out and helping me. Mayah is so much better. The last 3 or 4 nights have been nice and quiet. 


Houston, Texas