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No Risk Dog Training Evaluation

It’s not easy to make a decision on who should help you train your dog. This is why we want to offer you a no risk training consultation.

During the first part of the consultation Al will listen to any and all of your concerns and goals regarding your dog. The information you provide is going to help Al identify your unique and specific needs.

Then Al will go over dog training fundamentals with you and give you helpful training information. After that, Al will demonstrate what training will look like with your dog.

You will have an opportunity to ask Al any questions about how to start the training process and he will provide a plan that is designed to facilitate achieving your goals.

Each family is unique and Al will never give you a cookie cutter method. With that said, below are some of the most likely skills you will see taught in a course with Al.

Basic Dog Obedience Training Courses

The Place Stay:  This teaches your dog to go to their place, lay down, and stay until released regardless of the circumstance.

Loose leash walking:  This will teach your dog to walk calmly by your left-hand side and automatically sit without pulling on the leash.

Come when called:  This will teach your dog to turn around and come all the way back to you when you have said their name.

Distractions:  During any of these skills it is possible that your dog will become distracted. We will help you teach your dog to pay attention to your cues regardless of whatever else is going on.

Commands: You and your dog will learn all of the basic commands needed to create the skills for your pet to be their best.  This includes, sit, down, come, heel and any other command you would like to teach your dog.

These courses include:

-50-minute private lessons

-Homework assignments

*Proof of current immunizations and a crate are required.

*No refunds will be made after the start of the first session. No exceptions.

Refund, Cancellation, and Rescheduling policies

Just the Basics – $649

This 4-week course gets you in-home personal training for your family and dogs. You will learn from Al the Dog Trainer as he teaches your dog and coaches you. After the course, should you need additional sessions, they can be purchased for $134 for each session.

Basics Plus – $749

This 5-week courses included everything from the “Just the Basics,” course. You will also receive one additional coaching session for a total of 5 sessions to make sure you have established the habits to train a happy and reliable dog. After the course, should you need additional sessions, they can be purchased for $134 for each session.

Basics Premium -$849

This is our best service. You get everything included in the “Just the Basics,” course. You will also receive two additional coaching sessions for a total of 6. Al also guarantees his work with this course. So his promise to you is that if you have completed all your homework and your dogs haven’t finished the curriculum, then he will come until they have. It’s important to note that this guarantee is almost completely dependent on you doing all of the work to create the habits in yourself and your dog.

We began training with Al Longoria when our German Shepherd puppy was 12weeks. After six weeks, Al had made great progress with my husband and I. 😊 Riley, now 7months old brings pure joy to our home. Al has taught us how to maintain structure and consistency using praise and reward and discipline when necessary. I highly recommend Longoriahaus Dog Training. It’s worth the investment!!!!

Violet Stephens
Kingwood, TX

German Shepherd Walking with Owner

Riley the German Shepherd Dog in Training

If you’re looking for an experienced, professional, and passionate trainer look no further than Al Longoria!

We recently adopted a German Shepard, 11 months old, and knew that we would need additional help. While she knew some basic commands we wanted to improve her ability to respond to commands in various situations…the first time, every time! Al has a great ability to individualize dog training to the current skill level, genetic potential, and temperament of your dog. He teaches positive and balanced dog training techniques that allow you to clearly communicate your expectations to your dog. Our dog no longer pulls on the leash and can remain in a “down stay” position in various situations with many distractions.

While some programs will train your dog…Al trains you as well! You will have the knowledge and tools that will last a lifetime. We enjoyed our training and look forward to additional training classes with Al.
Shannon Isenberger

Free Dog Training Videos and Demonstrations

Loose Leash walking

Down and Place Stay

Coming When Called

How to Place a British Slip Leash