Kennel Talk: The Best Kind And Why

There are several crates that I recommend.

The wire frame crate still allows the dog to see you and they are pretty easy to clean, should your dog have an accident. They are also easy to transport in the car.

I do like the plastic crates that have a wire door. I have always used them and my dogs have always enjoyed them.
For training purposes, I do prefer the wire crate, especially if you have a dog, who is struggling with the concept of the crate.

When introducing your dog to anything new, use the emotions of pleasure and comfort, which are the habit building emotions. Don’t be in a rush to get your dog into a crate, if they have already had a bad experience. Take the time to show your dog, that the crate is the place of the most pleasure and comfort. Put a nice blanket in there, hand feed the dog inside the crate.

Another thing I have started doing is taking a drop of lavender oil, rub it in my hands, then rub my hands into the blanket. No more than a drop though, because excessive amounts can be toxic for your dog.

I do not like the little soft, collapsible crates.

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