Keeping the Kong Interesting and Entertaining


The stuffable Kong is a great source of entertainment, comfort and even nourishment to your dog that can safely be used in or out of your presence. In my house, the Kong is used as an evening treat to calm our dogs after an active afternoon, allowing a little chaos-free time to watch TV or otherwise enjoy some quiet family time. The Kong is also a safe outlet for your dog's natural chewing behavior. Stuffing or preparing your dog’s Kong should be stress-free and easy, so here are a few of Longoriahaus Dog Training’s favorite combinations.

– Peanut Butter and Kibble: place a few pieces of kibble at the bottom of your Kong before topping it off with Peanut Butter. Placing this combination in the freezer for a bit before presenting it your pooch will increase enjoyment time. The kibble can always be upgraded to your Doug’s favorite treats.

– Kibble and Bil-Jac: again, place a few pieces of kibble at the bottom of your Kong before topping it off with defrosted Bil-Jac. If you aren’t familiar with Bil-Jac, it is a frozen dog food/treat found in the freezer aisle of your pet or grocery store. It is produced in pellets that are soft and malleable. The consistency makes it a challenge to get out of the Kong and can provide quite a bit of quite time for you and your dog.

-Bil-Jac and Peanut Butter: my family's favorite! Pack the bottom of a Kong with Bil-Jac (the tighter it's packed the long it will take for your dog to enjoy!). Once the Bil-Jac is in place, top it off with some Peanut Butter. This treat can be served immediately or frozen to increase enjoyment time.

– Cheese: chunks of cheddar, mozzarella, Monterey jack and other non-mold based cheeses can be stuffed into the Kong for a greater challenge.

– Kibble and Cheese: Place a handful of kibble in the Kong mixed with a few cubes of cheese. Microwave the Kong for 10-15 seconds to make the cheese a little gooey.

If you have a little more time:

– Canned Pumpkin and Organic Greek Yogurt: a combination of the two layered or mixed together and placed in the freezer for at least an hour, will be a highly sought after treat. If your dog is suffering from temporary diarrhea, this mixture can help balance the intestinal flora.

– Mashed sweet potato mixed with coconut oil (in the firm state): coconut oil is a great supplement for healthy skin and coat.

-Apple Sauce and Cottage Cheese: Mix the two ingredients together (organic or natural is preferred) and freeze for an hour or two.
Try hiding the Kong to make the exercise a little fun and engaging for your pup. There are countless recipes available on the internet. Try a few different combinations to see what your dog enjoys most.

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