Is It OK For Me To Take Food From My Dog?

This is a pretty common question.
Generally speaking, it is not okay to take food from your dog.
Let me clarify that a little.If we are talking about your personal dog and the dog is a puppy, you are going to have to teach them to trust you. Building trust is one of the most important things and you teach that, by getting the dog on their place, with a leash. If they begin to growl at you, you show them that they can trust you and that growling is not what you want.

If someone comes into your home, a neighbor or relative and your dog is eating, it is not okay for them to put their hand in your dog’s bowl. If you’re at a restaurant and have food in front of you and someone tries to take it, wouldn’t you do whatever you had to to prevent that?
People visiting your home have no business messing with your dog while he is eating and the dog has every right to growl at them, if they do. A growl really means, that the dog needs some space and needs you to advocate for them. If you don’t, someone is likely to get bit.

I have working dogs and when they are eating, I leave them alone.

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