IPO Foundations – Scent pads, Heeling, and Tug Work

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Introduction to IPO (Schutzhund) – Foundations in Obedience and The Game of Tug.

This six-week course has been designed to teach the owner and dog the skills necessary for working your dog in drive and creating a clear communication system to build on for performance-based behaviors.  You will use a variety of games that have their foundations in food and interactive play to motivate your dog.

We teach the following skills in this course:

Tracking: We will teach you how to set up an effective scent pad and track for your dog. The main focus will be to reinforce a deep nose in the track scent, and differentiating from the non-track scent.

Focused heeling:  This will teach you how to create a heeling position with your dog on the left-hand side of your body and a high head.

Down under various distractions:  Your dog will learn how to down on the first command and to stay there until you are ready for him under a variety of circumstances

Interactive Play:  This will teach you how to have a great play relationship with your dog.  This skill will help you elevate the performance of your dog as her knowledge grows.

This course includes:
-6 50 minute private lessons

-Completion of Basic Obedience

Final Exam:
-You will need to that your dog has learned all of the preceding skills.
-You will need to demonstrate knowledge in fundamental dog training concepts, problem-solving abilities, and be able to explain the rules for the BH.

*Proof of current immunizations is required.
*The cost of this course is $799.
*No refunds will be made after the start of the course. No exceptions.

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