Introducing Your Dog To A New Child

I had a client, who contacted me after three years. She had just delivered a baby and they needed help introducing the dog to the baby. The dog still had a lot of energy and even though he knew his training, they were worried about how the dog would interact with their child.
It really is about the day in and day out calming activities. If you come home and everything is always a big party, it’s going to be the same, when you bring somebody else with you.
If you have a routine, where your dog has to be calm, when you get home, then it’s going to be easier to calm your dog, when you bring somebody with you.
Here are some techniques on what to do and what to avoid:
When calming a dog, you should not use excessive voice commands. When you tell your dog to sit or stay on their place, you really shouldn’t repeat the command over and over.
If your dog is not looking at you, then you should not be talking. We should talk to our dogs, when we have their attention. There are exceptions to that, but I do not like to give voice commands, when the dog doesn’t know, that I am talking to him.
Use your training tools, your leash or remote collar, to show your dog, what your expectations are.
When your dog is calm, you can lead your dog over on leash and pet your dog very slowly as you are holding your child.
If your dog usually jumps and gets excited, you need to back up your training, before you make the introduction to the baby.
It’s very normal for a dog to be curious about children.

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