Introducing New Dogs To Each Other

The question came from a gentleman with a Boxer and he wanted advice on how to introduce the Boxer to his fiance’s Chihuahuas. At previous encounters, the Chihuahuas dominated the Boxer and the Boxer was submissive.

Many times, small breed dogs are very excitable and they can also give off very strong and aggressive body language and intimidate a bigger dog.

Today, I had my friend Jamie over and she brought her Doberman and Husky and of course I have my German Shepherds. We put all the dogs in a place/stay in my living room. This is the best way to teach your dogs to coexist in a passive way. They don’t need to be interacting with each other. When they are in a room with a human, they need to understand, that the human is in charge. The atmosphere should be fun and happy, but does not need excitement. Everyone should be calm.

I would get elevated beds for the Chihuahuas and the Boxer and for the next week or so, I would feed them all their meals on their bed. Should any of them come off their bed, I would put them back on the bed with the help of the leash. With practice, the dogs will learn to respect and value their humans and the Boxer can relax a little. You have to advocate for your dog.

My friend Jamie put it this way: You have to establish clear boundaries or the dogs will make their own.

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