How To Train Two Dogs At The Same Time

There are a lot of ways to do this.

One way is, to get another family member involved. I always encourage all members of the household to get involved with training the dog or dogs. Don’t make it too complicated for yourself. When training, try to simplify the skill and don’t put too many rules up. Currently my dog Gabby is on her raised dog bed and the only rule is, that she is not allowed to come off the bed without permission. My part is to keep rewarding her and making sure, that her place is comfortable.

If I were a trainer at a board and train facility and I was by myself for the next three hours and had five dogs to train, I would probably train each dog individually. Dogs, who have an understanding of the skill can also be out and perform some sort of passive exercise, like a place/stay, while another dog is learning a skill, such as focused heeling.

I love to have one family member manage a dog in a passive exercise, while another family member works with the other dog on an active skill, such as coming, when called, focused heeling or even playing tug. This teaches the dog on the place/stay, that they have to stay, while the other dog is having fun. This helps develop the off/on switch in a dog. Being calm on command is a valuable skill.

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