How To Teach Your Dogs To Get Along

For many years we have had up to three German Shepherds in our home. What keeps them from fighting are the rules we have.

None of them gets to initiate play inside the home. The reason for this is, that I want my dogs to learn, that the inside of the home is a calm place.

No puppy, four months to two years of age, gets to play with any other dog. They only get to play with me.

Both of those rules put a lot of responsibility back on me and it results in my dogs really paying attention to me. This even works, when I ask only one dog to interact with me, because the other dogs have enough respect to know, that it is not their turn.

When we are outside, things are a little different, but if things get out of hand, all I have to do is say something like “Hey!” and my dogs know, they are about to get into trouble, if they don’t stop.

Aside from the rules, supervision is a great way to keep your dogs from fighting.

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