How To Teach Your Dog “No” And “Stop”

“No” is my general word to tell my dog, that he made a mistake. It is a blanket cue, that tells my dog, that what he is doing is not what I want. I usually follow the word “No” with some leash pressure or remote collar pressure.

The word “Stop” is more serious and I only use it at the boundaries, where the dog might get out into the street, for example the front door, the garage door or the side gate of the yard. I will have the leash very slack and when the dog crosses the boundary of the door, I will say the word “Stop” and then use the remote collar at a higher level to tell my dog that there is a very firm boundary. We do this to keep the dog safe and stop him from bolting out the door.

One mistake people make is, they teach their dog an obedience command, like “sit” or “stay” prior to opening the door and setting the dog up for the stop situation. The other common mistake is, people will have the leash tight, preventing the dog from crossing the threshold. You have to have the leash slack and allow the dog to cross the boundary, so you can correct him.

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