How To Stop Your Dog From Nipping At Your Face

With a lot of my clients I insist that their dog wears a leash inside the house, if they have the expectation of “talking” to their dog. When I see, that a dog gets excited and my hands are occupied with something else, I literally stand on the leash. This prevents their upward mobility.

If the nipping happens, while you are cuddling your dog, your dog may want to wrestle and not cuddle. With younger dogs, this may be an issue of discipline. You may need to back up your training and and teach the place/stay.

Preventing a dog from nipping at your face can be accomplished by frustrating them and not giving them the ability to do it or by making them uncomfortable. Either way, you will need your training tools to set boundaries.
When people get frustrated, they often use their hands. I don’t think that it’s a good idea to use your hands, when you are correcting your dog. Use a leash, a remote collar or a prong collar instead. You have to be thoughtful about it, but at the same time you have to be firm.

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