How To Make Your Dog Come To You, When They Are Off Leash

This skill is a matter of habit, just like any obedience skill. I don’t expect any type of reliability from my puppy until they have had about eight months of training.

I help my dog make the association, that turning around and coming back is amazing. I use food, I use toys and make it a fun time, when my dog comes back to me.

Initially I also use a leash and a little tug on the leash, when I say their name and then reward, when the dog comes back.

When you start an eight week old puppy with training this skill, you would be playing the “treat toss game”, or have the dog retrieve a toy and then use a long leash. You would train in your home or backyard.

When my puppy is about ten months old, he or she will receive a correction for not coming back, because we have practiced this over and over. I will put them in a situation, where they will see something that might be more interesting than I and communicate with pressure down the leash, that they need to return regardless.

The recall skill is so important, because it could literally save your dog’s life someday.

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