How To Keep Your Dog Inside The Fence

Having your dog escape from your yard is a pretty scary thing.

The first thing I recommend is, make your yard a fun place for your dog. Be out there with your dog, whenever possible, and play. Every morning I go to my backyard with my dogs and we play their favorite games: fetching, tugging and other things. If you can’t be in the backyard with your dogs, there are toys you can put back there to keep them entertained. One of them is a “Jolly Ball”. There are two varieties, one has a rope, the other has a handle. Either one are fantastic toys for very active dogs.

Second, what type of fence do you have? Certain breeds, like a Doberman or a German Shepherd can clear a fence very easily and get out. If you have one of those super athletic dogs, you need to have a good sized fence to keep them inside.

In addition, you can install an invisible fence or install rollers on top of your fence. The rollers are PVC pipes, that are installed on a tight cable on top of the fence. When the dog tries to jump over the fence, the PVC will start rolling and making it difficult for the dog to escape.

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