How To Keep Your Chihuahua From Running Off When The Leash Isn’t On

You have to be the most interesting thing in the environment to your dog. If your dog is running away from you, what does that say about your relationship with your dog? Why should your dog want to hang out with you? What reason does the dog have to stay by your side?

There is a movie I like and the main character is in a library and he is talking with the librarian and making a funny comment. He then says, that people used to laugh at his jokes. The librarian asks him, if those people worked for him. So, he figures out, that people laughed at his jokes, because he was paying them to laugh. Well, your dog is going to hang around, if you pay him. Are you playing games with your dog? Are you hand feeding him? Are you setting boundaries for him? Or are you just lugging him around, maybe even carrying him under your arm? If that’s what you do, you are really the dog’s servant and you are not in a working relationship. In a working relationship, the dog has do something to get something.

It is important to build some habits, such as rewarding your dog for something useful, like moving with you, staying where you ask, turning around and coming back, when you call. You also have to set some boundaries, like not allowing your dog to pull on leash, not allowing your dog to get up, when you told your dog to stay etc.

How should you reward and punish your dog? I do not know. That is something for you to discover as you get to know your dog. Become a student of your dog and build a relationship. Then the problem of running away will resolve.

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