How To Help Dogs Through Thunderstorms and Fire Works

The training tools needed are the elevated bed, a leash, clicker, and food. I also like to diffuse lavender oil in the room to help create calmness. With the dog on the raised bed, take the food to the dog’s mouth and when the dog is in a down position, calmly massage the dog across the body. To condition the word “relax”, I say the word “relax, before I release the food. This type of training obviously needs to happen before the storm/fireworks. You can actually download an app that simulates the noises of a storm and play it at increasing volume. Additionally, some dogs respond well to a thunder shirt. Again, getting your dog used to that needs to happen in advance.
With New Year’s Eve upon us, it is also important not to leave your dog outside unsupervised. Many spooked dogs bolt and that can easily be prevented, by either putting them on a leash, when they need to go out, or at least supervise them.


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