How To Get Your Dogs To Get Along

How does one teach their dogs to behave, when they are together? The first thing, that I want you to teach your dogs, is the place command. You will need an elevated bed and show your dogs, how valuable it is to be on there and even more so when they are calm and lying down. The value comes from the rewards you give them when they stay on that bed. Of course, there are no rewards for coming off the bed and you will need your leash to continuously put them back on the bed. With multiple dogs, you need to teach each dog individually how to do this. It may only take two to three days per dog. Then you teach them, how to follow the place command when they are together in the same room. It’s good to have a little help from other family members when you get to this point. An even more advanced application of this skill would be, to ask one dog to come off the bed, while the other one has to stay. As always, when training your dogs, make sure they are hungry and eager to receive food and treats.

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