How Successful is your Dog?

It is interesting to me what we consider success in dogs and what we consider a success for ourselves. Especially, the way that we look at our work. I know that in our society, getting an A in a class is pretty successful and just like many of you, I always wanted to get the best marks. But I have noticed with many of the dogs that I encounter, that we are telling them no quite a bit an many times even with that, they are not making improvements in their behaviors.

So what do you need to do since telling and communicating no just isn’t working? Before I give you my opinion, know this, communicating no to your dog is extremely important but only a fraction of the information your dog needs. So here it is, greater than 90% of the information that your dog actually needs is what it is that you want your dog to do. That may seem simple. It’s not. You are going to have to first know what in the world you actually want your dog to do looks like. Like really looks like. It has to be real. It must occupy space and time. If it doesn’t, its just a concept and your dog will not get those. Only your human brain can understand those concepts.

Second, you are going to have to know or at the very least understand how to communicate it in a relevant way. Let me give you a clue. It has almost nothing to do with the sounds coming out of your mouth. Your voice commands don’t work unless you have trained diligently to give them meaning. You know what can work?

Your leash and training collar, your dogs’ food, and the way you move your body. Those things can communicate well when you know how to use them.

So now you have imagined what you want, you have created the image using relevant forms of communication. Now its time to make your dog successful! Create an emotion that makes your dog think:

“This is the best moment of my life. When do I do this again.”

Please do this over and over and over again.

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