How Often Should I Practice With My Dog?

Every morning, when I go out with my dogs, we do about 50-60 recalls. Recall is just another word for “coming when called”. We practice recall by playing fetch.
When I think about this question, the answer really is, that you should practice as often as you can. Take every opportunity you can, to teach your dog and practice with your dog. It’s a lifestyle. You want to practice, when the doorbell rings, when you’re on the phone, when you walk in the door, when the annoying dogs are barking next door etc.
Every time you practice with your dog is an opportunity to show them, what it is that you want. The teaching phase is important for a dog, but practicing often, helps maintain the skills you taught. You cannot possibly train too much, but of course you can work a dog too hard. I like to train a lot of passive skills, like calmness.

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