How Long Should A Training Session Be?

How long should a training session be for an adult dog or a puppy?

For an adult dog, a training session that requires the dog to focus, could be anywhere from ten to twenty minutes. If you are teaching something new, five to ten minutes is probably a good amount of time. When teaching a puppy something new, I’d say that five minutes is the maximum.

If you are teaching coming when called or focused heeling, the training session should be shorter, because the focus doesn’t last all that long. If you are using food, the session should also be short, because food will lose value pretty quickly.

If your dog is already trained up and you are using a ball or a tug or a frisbee, then you can expect the dog’s focus to last longer.

If you are training a place/stay, then you can train that for any amount of time, because it is a passive skill. For a puppy, thirty minutes is likely the limit.

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