How Long Does It Take To Teach A Dog To Walk Off Leash?

Every dog is different. My dog Jasmine was able to walk off leash after about four years of effort. She was the first dog I had as an adult and the first dog I trained. With my dog Fritz, it took about two years to do off leash stuff. My dog Gabby could be off leash under certain circumstances after about a year.

Call it paranoia or just being safe, but I don’t like my dogs being off leash in public places, because it just takes one moment, one mistake, one situation, that I didn’t expect, and then myself and my dog could be in serious trouble.
I don’t mind going into Lowe’s, or a place like that and take my dog off leash and work my dog. However, walking on a busy street without a leash on my dog, is too risky.

When you want your dog off leash, keep the possible risks in mind and put the dog’s safety first. This is, why I am a big advocate for the remote collar, because you can give your dog a lot of freedom and still have control and the ability to help them.

If you are new to dog training, but are working diligently with your dog, you should be able to have your dog off leash within a couple of years. Keep in mind, that patience always wins. Try working on your relationship with your dog, before you dive into advanced obedience skills.

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