How Do You Stop Your German Shepherd From Bolting Out Of The Garage?

Obviously, this can be a big problem, because if your dog gets out into the neighborhood, any number of things can happen. The things I fear the most are, my dog getting hit by a car, a dog fight, getting lost etc. So you want to make sure, that you train your German Shepherd to stay with you, each and every time, even with the garage door open.
Most of the time a dog gets out when the door to the garage and the garage door are open at the same time. I am very diligent about closing one door, before opening another. In addition, it is necessary to prepare my dog for a situation, when that is not the case. For that, I would start with training on a leash. I like using the British slip leash. It is important to establish a boundary for my dog. I accomplish that, by allowing the dog to cross that boundary and apply pressure or leash tension. It doesn’t need to be harsh, but assertive. When the dog crosses back within the boundary, the pressure or leash tension should relax. Further along in your training, you can use the place command, but it is important for the dog to learn, where the boundary is. When your dog learns to stay with you and move with you, no matter what distractions present themselves, you need to make sure, that you reward your dog. This training will also benefit you when you and your dog get out of the car and move towards the house.

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