How Do You Get Your Dogs To Get Along

Your dogs may or may not be best friends and that’s all right because at a minimum they can learn to be neutral towards each other. Dogs fighting in a home is a very stressful way to live and that’s why it’s important, to teach each dog the “place” command. You will need an elevated dog bed, a leash and treats to accomplish that. Reward the dog, when he stays on the bed, lead the dog back onto the bed when he gets off. It may take several days of practice, but once the dogs understand the value of staying on the raised bed, you can move on to the next step. Both dogs will now be asked to stay on their raised bed in the same room. To effectively teach this, you might enroll the help of a family member. That way, if one dog gets off the bed, they can be led back by one person, while the other dog can get rewarded for staying on there.


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