How Do I Train The Boundaries Of An Electric Fence?

When it comes to training with remote collars or electric fences, it is important to get it right the first time you train your dog. You might otherwise create serious problems.

If the electric fence is installed and your dog is wearing the collar, then the electricity must be turned on, before your dog has a chance to leave the yard. If your dog chases after a squirrel for example and produces adrenaline prior to experiencing discomfort from crossing the boundary, it is then possible that the dog just keeps going, rather than returning to your yard. Once your dog gets out of range of the fence, the fence will turn off. This will send a very powerful signal to your dog’s brain, that running will turn the fence off. It is very difficult to reverse that message.

I recommend, that when you take your dog outside for the first time after the electric fence has been installed and activated, you use a long line on your dog and attach it to your wrist. Your dog needs to be able to approach the fence, maybe even begin to bolt. It is your job to pull your dog back with the leash, when that happens. When you just turn your dog around, he will still feel the effects from the fence, but as soon as the dog returns into the yard a few feet, it will turn off. This is the powerful message/memory you want to create and it could potentially save your dog’s life.

I don’t recommend electric fences for the vast majority of us. If you chose to use one, don’t just throw your dog into the backyard and hope for the best. You need to have a plan for teaching your dog that turning around and coming back into the yard is going to turn the discomfort off.

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