How Do I Train My Dog Not To Bark?

This is a very common question and there are different strategies in approaching this.

Some trainers recommend bark collars or pre occupying your dog with something else.

I always like to ask a question, when people are trying to get rid of a behavior, that is natural to the dog. In this case: Why is your dog barking?

If it’s nuisance barking, they are asking you for something and they are trying to communicate a need. As a responsible dog owner, you then have to ask yourself, if you have done your part, in meeting your dog’s needs. If you have not, then you need to stop your dog’s barking first. Start by putting a leash on the dog and get him/her to do something. Once the dog calms down, meet the need. If your dog wants to play and you get up and start playing, when he/she is barking, you are going to get more barking. When you plan your day, plan on playing with your dog, before he/she starts barking, if at all possible.

My dog Gabby is a very active dog and I play with her two to three times a day. If I don’t, she becomes difficult to live with. It is my responsibility to meet her physical needs, if I want her to be calm and well behaved inside my home.

So, before you get a bark collar or a remote collar ask yourself, why your dog is barking in the first place.

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