How do I train in agility with my dog?

Playing tug with your dog will increase their performance.

The main thing I would tell anyone who is considering doing anything in the performance area is, that it is so important that your play relationship with your dog looks particularly awesome. I know a lot of agility trainers.  I am a Schutzhund / IPO trainer and there are a lot of similarities in the sport.

I would tell you that the game of tug, showing your dog how to push and engage you, how to release and come flying for that tug, can really supercharge your training for agility. That is where I would start. I would make sure my tug game looks really well. You can buy a fleece tug, a leather rag on a rope, or a rope toy. I tend to use those first two, the fleece tug and a leather rag or a ball on a rope. That’s going to help you quite a bit. The other thing I would do is, work with road cones. Using my hands, I would be able to give directions and have my dog go and interact with the cone. As I am showing my dog  different cues, I would be real particular with my body language.

Those are some of the things I would recommend if you’re going to do agility. You can do  these at home without a lot of equipment.

So one, get your tug relationship looking awesome, practice every day.

Two, begin to use road cones or jumps and show your dog direction and give a lot of rewards for that.

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