How Do I Teach My Kids To Interact With Our Puppy?

I really like getting kids involved in training a dog. Depending on the kids’ age and the dog, they can participate in rewarding the dog with food, praise, a toy or petting. Not only should the kids learn to reward, but know, what they are rewarding for. It is important to have a clear idea on that. For example, the dog will be rewarded for being on the dog bed in a down position or the the dog will be rewarded for staying on the bed for two minutes. The reward will be dispensed after the adult says “Good dog”. As the child is approaching the dog with food in their hand the dog should not get excited. If the dog gets excited and gets up, then the child should walk away. As soon as the dog becomes calm again, the child goes back to the dog. This will help the dog learn to be calm around the child and also to receive rewards calmly. This is one way to teach the dog to respect the child and for the child to learn, how to interact with the dog.

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