How Do I Teach My Dog Not To Potty On The Rug?

If your dog has already gone potty on your rug, you need to do a really thorough job cleaning it, to get the smell out completely. Your might even consider hiring a professional service for that. If the dog can still smell it, then it’s like a signal to the dog, to go potty there again.

Another way is to not give the puppy access to the rooms, that have a rug in them. Once a dog has used a rug to go potty, it is so hard to get the smell out completely and a dog’s nose can still pick up on the scent, even if we cannot.

Before long, I will have a puppy in my house again and I look forward to creating a lot of video content for you. The way I raise a puppy is, by setting up a playpen and I don’t care about accidents in that area. Of course, I will try to prevent them, by timing the meals. My puppy will not have access to the whole house.

If you are really struggling with house breaking your puppy, build a playpen in your backyard and put your puppy in there after a meal and let nature take it’s course. It’s a great way to help your dog.

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