How Do I Teach My Dog Not To Jump And Bark At People?

I want to answer that by talking about reinforcement and punishment.

Reinforcement is the act of increasing any behavior. When your dog does something you want, you associate comfort and pleasure to that behavior. The formation of habit comes through a high amount of reward and literally thousands of repetitions.

On the flip side of reinforcement is punishment. It clarifies for the dog, where the boundaries are. The first thing you must be able to do is visualize, where that boundary is. If you can’t do that, you will struggle with that behavior. Next, you must be prepared to be relevant. Be prepared to make the dog uncomfortable and frustrated. Frustration is easy to accomplish, by not letting the dog make contact with the person. Discomfort can be achieved by a prong collar and tightening the collar the moment the dog thinks about jumping. As soon as the dog stops, the pressure from the collar is released.

One of the issues we have is, we give our dogs too much freedom. The most common time that people get jumped on is, when they are coming home from work. You walk in the door, the dog is excited to see you and jumps on you to initiate play. Your dog should have been on a leash with a person on the end of the leash and the moment the dog jumped, someone should have told the dog with the help of the leash, that jumping is a bad idea.

However, punishment only is not the whole picture. You also need to teach your dog, what to do instead, like sitting on your left hand side or being in a down behind the couch, when the front door opens. Teaching this requires a lot of patience, petting, praise and reward.

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