How Do I Stop My Dog From Eating So Fast

One way to solve this, is to hand feed your dog. There are other benefits to hand feeding your dog. One of those is, that when you talk and then dispense the food, your voice becomes valuable to the dog. Another perk is, you get eye contact, which equals attention, from your dog. Hand feeding is a commitment. It takes more time than just putting the food in the bowl. With my dog Gabby, I may have missed 5 feedings in a year’s time. Of course, most people will just do this for a month or two, but either way, you will get good results.

I have seen other ways to slow down your dog’s eating as well. Some people, who keep their dogs outside, actually put the food on the ground and that works well, because the food is spread out in one single layer. With my dog Gabby, I do the same thing inside a bowl.

I have also seen bowls, that have lines in them and slow down a dog. I believe they are called “Slow Feeders”. When you have multiple dogs, this can stop the fast eater from trying to steal food from the normal eater.

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