How Do I Keep My Dog Off The Furniture?

A lot of people allow their dogs on the furniture, initially.

When I get a puppy, he or she will spend a little time with me on the furniture, bonding with me. I am planning to get a puppy later this year and I will be documenting everything that I do, so you can see how I raise my dogs.

The way to keep a dog off the furniture is through place training. We use elevated dog beds to help the dogs understand, where in the room we want them to be. Currently my dog Fritz is on a rug on the floor, practicing his place/stay for the entirety of the show. We practice the place/stay over and over. In the beginning it is necessary to use a leash or collar to teach this skill. You can use your dogs food as an incentive. Your dog has to earn his food by being obedient.

I would like you to consider something about your dog getting on the furniture: are you sending mixed messages? Are you sometimes allowing your dog on the furniture and heavily rewarding that, instead of rewarding your dog for being on his place?
If you want your dog to stay off the furniture, you need to make it very clear, that all the reward is on his dog bed.

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