How Do I Keep My Dog From Counter Surfing?

How do you stop your dog from counter surfing, getting into the trash, jumping on the couch etc.?

I have come across this device called a scat mat. It’s a plastic mat, that has a wire run through it and is connected to a 9V battery. If anything touches it, canine or human, it sends a signal and whoever touches it, feels an unpleasant sensation. I am not sure, that this is for everyone.

A couple of years ago, I went to meet a family and we were just getting started with training. I went to sit down on their couch and noticed, that they had a seat cover on it. The moment I sat down, there was a really loud beep. It just startled me. It’s the same principle as the scat mat, without the electricity and a loud noise instead.

The scat mat might work, but when you are not home, the simple answer is not to leave food out on the counters, because it could be dangerous for your dog.

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