How Do I Get My Dog To Stop Pulling On The Leash?

I would like to give you three pieces of information that will make a difference:
First, your mindset should not be, that you are walking a loop around the neighborhood, but that you are on a dance floor.
Second, when you leave your house with your dog, have the dog on a short leash. Be sure to have the leash by your side at all times. Then, let the leash go slack and begin to move. It is very likely, that your dog will dart out in front of you. As soon as your dog gets ahead of you, I want you to change direction and go the other way. Repeat as needed and be prepared for a lot of repetitions.
I worked with a dog today, who took about 94 times of repetitions, before he realized, that he should stop pulling.
Third, once the dog stops pulling and stays by your side, you need to start rewarding your dog. Make sure, that the leash is relaxed, when you feed your dog rewards.

Before you do any of this, I want you to practice with your dog in a hallway of your home. I want you to feed your dog 100% of his food, while he sits at your left side. You should do this for about a week.

This technique works well with almost all dogs.

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