How Do I Get My Dog To Focus On Me?

This question came from a person, whose dog had taken off running and would not come back.
My first piece of advice is, that you have your dog wear a leash inside the home. My next recommendation is to hand feed the dog. I find a treat pouch very helpful for this. You can measure the dog’s food, put it into the pouch and clip the pouch to your belt. That way, your hands are still free.
I understand that having a leash on your dog inside your home and carrying food around seems like a hassle, but when you control your dog’s space with the leash and you have something that is valuable to your dog (food), you become important and valuable to your dog. Every time you interact with your dog through the leash and through food, you are investing in your dog.
Before dispensing food is a great time to train all your voice commands.

Another aspect of the dog running away might be, that the family plays “chase” with their dog at home. Instead of the dog chasing his people, the people are chasing after their dog. That game does not translate into the outside world and the dog won’t know the difference.

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