How Do I Get My Dog To Come Reliably?

Reliable recalls are something we all need from our dogs. Many times I hear from dog owners, that their dog’s recall is pretty good, except…That translates into the recall not being that reliable.

What produces a reliable recall? For starters, you need to practice every day with your dog. With my dogs, I will start a game of recall with them, when they are eight weeks old, and I will play some version of that game with them for the rest of their life. It could be throwing a piece of food and calling them back, playing fetch, sending them somewhere and calling them back. I am always trying to find ways to be able to call them back.

You need to be prepared to be able to communicate to your dog that regardless of distractions, he will come back or be made to come back. You will need your training collars, long line or remote collars.

A basic way to start building a reliable recall is to have a leash on your dog. In case of a distraction, let your dog begin to move away and then call your dog’s name and reel your dog back in using your long line and begin to reinforce that. Practicing this skill every day and maintaining that throughout the life of the dog is what will build the reliable recall.

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