How Do I Get My Dog To Calm Down?

What does it really mean for a dog to be calm? When we think about “calm” we may think about the dog’s position or the dog’s state of mind. The calmness that people want from their dog is actually a combination of several things. The calmest position that your dog can be in is the down position. Did you know, that there are several different ways, that your dog can do a “down”? If your dog is near you, take a look. If they are rolled on their side, that is the calmest your dog can be. If a dog is not calm and in a down position, their hips will be square, that way they can pop up quickly. So in addition to teaching your dog to “down” you also need to teach them to roll on their side, on their hip. From here, it gets a little tricky, because not every dog is the same. You need to offer rewards, that will continue the relaxation. I will pet a dog’s back and the dog will bubble up and get out of control. What I had intended to be a massage, the dog found exciting or the dog was ticklish and now I have a dog jumping on me and licking my face. It’s important to learn to read your dog and check yourself. How do I talk? How fast do I dispense the food? How do I pet the dog?
When I pet a dog, I do so with some pressure and go very slowly down the dog’s back. If you pet your dog excitedly and use a high pitched voice to praise your dog, the dog will respond accordingly.
A lot of your dog’s ability to calm down depends on you.

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