How Do I Get My Dog To Behave At The Vet?

I have been working with a family, whose dog is genetically predisposed to be fearful and aggressive. That makes it hard to go to the veterinarian. How can that be helped? The answer is, a lot of training. We recently went to the vet and compared to what the dog used to do, it was success, but it was still challenging for the dog. We did a ton of leash training, we did a ton of leash walk training, we did a ton of double handling, we did muzzle conditioning…My client has been putting in the work. Even the veterinarian admitted, that the dog had made a lot of progress. I am going to be honest, the dog tried twice to bite the vet. The reason why that wasn’t a big deal is, we were prepared: we had a leash on the dog and we had a muzzle on the dog. We were able to share with the dog, that treating the vet like that was unacceptable. We were also able to provide the dog with a lot of comfort, each and every time he calmed down.
I recommend you find a vet, whose office provides a calm and relaxing atmosphere.
If you walk into an office, where things are tense, and the tension does not come from you, maybe you just have to find another way to get in there.
When I go to a very busy vet’s office, I don’t wait in the waiting room. Instead, I wait outside. When they call my name, I just short leash my dog through the crowd, right into the examination room. Then I begin to practice my calming techniques with my dog. I usually bring my dog in hungry, so I can use the food while we are there. I pet my dog a lot and of course I use my leash. Having a good visit at the vet is really about the things you do with your dog on a daily basis. That includes asserting yourself as your dog’s leader. Help them understand, that they can rest in your power. Help them build trust with other people.
If I can help you in any way to make the vet visits with your dog more enjoyable, instead of being a source of anxiety for you and your dog, please let me know.

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