How Do I Deal With Fence Aggression?

My dog Gabby struggles with this. We have neighbors with dogs who bark at the fence. Gabby is a territorial dog and it has been an ongoing challenge for us.
One of the things I preach to my clients and also to myself is, be prepared to be relevant.
Keep your leash by the backdoor, or the remote collar or the prong collar or whatever training tool you use. Then go out there with your dog. When your dog begins to get puffed up and the hairs on your dog’s back go up, get your dog out of there.
What works for me is something I learned from another trainer’s video. Gabby is remote collar trained. We use it in continuous mode, which means, when you press down the button, it touches the dog in varying intensities, for as long as you hold down the button for up to 10 seconds. When training her, I touch the button, tell her what to do, she does it and I turn the button off.
What I ended up doing with the fence aggression is, I had the remote collar on Gabby and I had the setting on high and on momentary mode. That means, it would just send one individual pulse. The moment Gabby began to be defensive, I said “No” and then touched the button. She understood at that moment, that I did not want her over at the fence. This has worked pretty well., but I still have to remind her every two to three weeks. At some point prior to this, Gabby’s face had actually gotten cut up a little from trying to get through the fence to the dogs, so I find prevention a lot better, than risking injury to my dog.
When I get her attention away from the fence, we play games, which is rewarding her obedience.

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