How Do I Crate Train My Dog?

I have clients, whose dog really struggles with crate training. When I am dealing with dogs like that, I try to break things down into steps to help the dog. It requires time and patience but is well worth it. We started out by folding down the front and back of the crate and creating a tunnel. Next, we put the dog’s food in there. We fed the dog in that crate/tunnel for about a week. This way, the dog is not so hesitant about going in the crate. The next step is to have the back of the crate up and the door open and to continue feeding the dog inside the crate. At this point, my clients have also added a blanket inside the crate, to make their dog more comfortable. So far this process has taken two weeks and now, they can close the door to the crate. I advised, that they put a kong toy inside the crate as an added incentive for their dog. Now, when they close the door, the dog can enjoy a special treat.

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