How Do I Control My Giant Dog?

When you are trying to control a large dog, please don’t put a harness on them. A dog who already pulls on leash, will pull even harder with a harness on.

Wide collars on a large dogs will also make it more difficult to control the dog.

I would try a martingale style collar instead. This type of collar has a strap, like a horseshoe and a piece of chain and will partially close, when the dog pulls.

For a very powerful dog , I recommend the Herm Sprenger prong collar. When a big dog gets excited and pulls with a regular collar, they might be choking themselves and it doesn’t seem to bother them and doesn’t calm them down. The design of the prong collar has your dog’s safety in mind and with correct use, will help your dog to calm down. Be careful when selecting a prong collar, because they are not all designed the same. As a professional, the only prong collars I use are the Herm Sprenger collars, because they are safe and also very effective.

Dedicated training is a must for any dog, but especially a big and powerful breed.

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