How Do I Build My Dog’s Confidence?

If your dog is easily startled, there are a several things you can do.

You can put your dog into the environment, where those things are happening and the humans themselves begin to relax in those situations. Find a place, where you can hang out with your dog, like a park bench and practice the same place stay as you do in your home. It is also helpful to bring your dog’s food in a treat pouch and feed your dog. I have done this several times with my dogs in a park near a school at the time that school lets out. Immerse your dog in that environment and the dog then has to chose to be calm and get fed.
If your dog likes to play, wear your dog out for a few minutes before you go, but don’t over do it, because eating right after heavy exercise is not good. The result is, that your dog will be focused and calm.

The path I take with my high prey drive dogs is, that everywhere we go, we will play the game they love most. At that moment when I ask “Do you want to play?” and I bring our the ball, all my dogs’ attention is on playing with me. At first I will still use a long leash, just in case.

If your dog is too distracted to be interested in food or play, you might want to try to go on a really long fast paced walk. If the dog is an adult, you might even jog. Create the need for calories. If that is not an option, play hard with your dog in your backyard and then crate him for a couple of hours. Make sure you provide water. Then get your dog out and try something new, as far as the food goes. Let him have just a taste of it, before you take them into the environment, that is challenging to them.

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