How can you reduce your dog’s shedding?

This is a frequently asked question. Here are some tips:


Tip #1 Don’t  over bathe your dog (Unless your dog took a mud bath, there is no need to bathe with shampoo. We bathe our dogs every few months. Regular brushing helps with the “funky” dog smell.)

Tip #2 Feed a very high-grade dog food (“You are what you eat”. We as humans eat healthy, quality foods, to promote healthy bones, skin and hair. A dog’s diet should promote the same results.)

Tip #3 Supplement with Sardine and Anchovy oil (No diet is perfect, so a high-grade supplement is recommended)

Tip#4 Use a brush and a rake (Here is a tip within a tip: play with your dog first. He/she is more likely to hold still when tired)

Tip#5 This is not going to reduce shedding, but a good vacuum will keep you from going insane.


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