How Can I Help My Fearful Australian Shepherd, Who Keeps Trying To Bite?

It is without a doubt difficult to have a dog, who tries to bite people. Normal things, like a vet visit, having people over or going on a walk become an ordeal.
The good news is, that through training this is an obstacle you and your dog can overcome. The first thing I recommend is, that you practice the three main obedience skills with your dog (place command, leash walking, and recall). It takes a lot of diligence and I understand that it’s not always easy to make the time. However, the goal is, to help your fearful dog, so it’s important that you do your best. I believe that at the root of a fearful dog is lack of confidence. They may love you, but they don’t necessarily trust that you can keep them safe in a difficult situation. This is where training will help because by giving your dog a problem to solve and engaging their mind, they grow more confident. It is also important to establish boundaries for your dog. These boundaries should be very clear and should not be difficult for you to discern, because if it is challenging for you, it’s definitely challenging for your dog. A fearful dog does typically not do well with food-based training. Who likes to eat, when they are nervous or anxious? I suggest starting with leash training, turning the pressure on and teaching your dog, what turns the pressure off. This will actually have a calming effect on your dog. Then you might be able to introduce food as an additional incentive. I do not recommend to reward with play, because it releases adrenaline and any type of excitement is the precursor to bad behavior. In really severe cases, I would also recommend conditioning a muzzle. This will protect your dog from making any of those big mistakes.

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