Getting your dog to behave in public

People often tell us: “My dog perfectly behaves at home, but when we are in public, it’s a different story.”

My first question would be: “Do you know how to communicate your expectations and intentions to your dog?”
We tell our clients, that we want them to imagine, what they want their dog to do. Then we help them to clearly communicate that vision to their dog and create those behaviors.

The first step to achieving any and all of the above is to acquire the knowledge of how to use your leash, how to use your dogs’ food, learning how to move your body and when to speak.  These tools are truly the conduit that will help you communicate your intentions to your dog in a way that they can comprehend.  Timing your voice commands while using those tools will then make your voice more powerful.

In the beginning, we practice obedience skills in a low distraction environment.  You will need several hundred repetitions for your dog to have a chance at truly using this skill in the real world. When you head into the real world for the first time with your newly trained skill, keep the focus on you and your dog as opposed to actually trying to get something done in the real world.  Yes, this is impractical but these training experiences are so vital to actually being successful. Once those skills are solid, a dog can perform these skills in public, while learning to cope with distractions


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